Advanced Ndt Services

Ultrasonic Leak Detection/Hatch Cover Test

Ultrasonic Leak Test consists of a battery powered transmitter and a receiver. It is totally reliable, accurate and repeatable. There's no need for water or for complicated operations. Ultrasonic testing slashes the time needed to test the condition of hatch covers, RoRo doors, bulkheads or windows. It ensures that hatch covers offer true cargo worthiness and prevent water ingress. Hand-held operation can be carried out by one man. It reduces costly idle time in port Easy, fast pre-load inspection.
The emitters are arranged to produce an omni-directional sound field, uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold. The receiver part of the system displays the sound energy level that passes through gaps in the enclosed cargo hold to enable the location of leaks to be quickly and accurately identified.


  • Vehicles - Wind Noise/Water Leaks.
  • Ships - Hatch Cover Testing and General Surveying.
  • Building - Envelope including Doors, Windows, and Ventilation.
  • Tanks - Underground Fuel Storage Tanks.